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Bio-Investigations LTD. and S&ST Announce Advancement of SIFO Global Commercialization Activities, With Progress In S&ST’s 2nd Year of FINEP Financing

5 February 2024: SIFO, or Side illuminated Fiber Optic Technology, is a transformational robust patent-backed Technology Platform that has commercial value for applications in the UV, visible and near infrared spectrums. SIFO has applications within multiple fields, including aerospace, industrial automotive markets, mobile devices, IT and datacom, broadband, medical devices, defense, fuel cell systems, oil and purification, indoor air quality, chemical manufacturing and agriculture.

Technology Offering: Side Illuminated Fiber Optics’ (SIFO) Titer Plate Reader Interface (TPRi)

Available 1 January 2023 for: (a) non-exclusive corporate licensing by individual human health care and veterinary IVD manufacturers; (b) potential exclusive license for select health care diagnostic fields of use, or non-exclusive license with ROFN; (c) collaborative research and development agreement, with licensing conversion rights; or (d) exploratory positioning for partnering within environmental, cosmetics, and food industries.