The following is a listing of representative organizations with which BIO-INVESTIGATIONS LTD. has interacted.

AI Services, Inc.
(Artificial Intelligence)
Alberta Research Council
Alliance Medical
American Imaging Inc.
American Type Culture Collection
Bayer Corporation
Becton, Dickinson and Company
Bennett Jones LLP
Binax Inc.
bioMérieux, Inc.
Boston Brain Fitness
Client Associated Businesses, Inc.
Cuno Corporation
DAP Financial Management
DeKalb Genetics / Monsanto Corporation
Diving Services, Inc.
Embrex Inc.
Fairview Partners
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Gaylord Specialty Healthcare
Goodwin Biotechnologies, Inc.
Hoffrel Instruments, Inc.
International Growth Technologies, Inc.
Ivy Biomedical, Inc.
JRH Biosciences, Inc.
Loctite Corporation
McGill University
McLean Hospital
(Partners HealthCare)
(Drs. Levine and Wardlaw)
Medical Research and Development
New York Medical College
NoAb BioDiscoveries Inc.
Pasteur Mérieux Connaught
Pfizer Inc.
Shanghai Genomics, Inc.
Shawmut National Bank
(Investment Banking Division)
State of Connecticut
State University of New York
Technical Automation Inc.
The Frankel Group
The Spinal Cord Society
Theta Corporation
Underwater Construction Corporation
University of Alberta
University of Calgary
University of Connecticut
University of Nebraska Medical Center
University of Ottawa

Reference Letters

The following is a list of representative client testimonials.

“Stewart takes a great deal of professional pride in his consulting assignments and puts a great deal of himself into meeting the goals of his clients.”

William E. Griffis Executive Vice President AI Services, Inc.

“Stewart has assisted us in identifying potential commercialization partners, in arranging high-level meetings, and in providing expert advice on commercialization strategy.”

J. M. Curtis Manager Alberta Research Council

“Jonathan Rosenberg is an individual of high intelligence and polished sales skills, backed by a passion for his work, and a genuinely warm and sincere personality.”

Nate Hollander President American Imaging Inc.

“Your written testimony about your new diagnostic test [for lyme disease] gave all of us much hope for the future of diagnosis and treatment of this difficult illness. I am grateful to you for your participation.”

Richard Blumenthal Attorney General State of Connecticut

“The depth and knowledge of experience brought by Bio-lnvestigations Ltd. to this project was very important in a number of areas, including valuation, development of a business strategy and assessment of licence terms.”

Gordon Sustrik Bennett Jones LLP Bennett Jones LLP

“Stewart has been successful in arranging a number of meetings for Binax with high level pharmaceutical executives.”

Roger N. Piasio President & CEO Binax Inc.

“His keen awareness of the current business landscape and his vision of future business opportunities inspire confidence.”

Peter M. Meier, Ph.D. Vice President and Director Cuno Corporation

“Apart from the intelligence, very high level of effort and experience that Stewart Rosenberg brings to a task, he also brings a rare ability to grasp the significance of the subtlest scientific phenomenon.”

Myron J. Block President Kromotech

“Stewart's efforts were focused, professional, well thought out and most importantly successful.”

Robert A. Levine Principal Medical Research and Development

“Mr. Rosenberg successfully arranged a series of telephone conference with senior-level scientific and executive individuals at many of the pre-selected companies.”

Sam Yi Senior Director of Business Development Shanghai Genomics, Inc.