Our Services

The company provides targeted services which are specific to the needs of each Client. We focus on an intensive, fact-finding initial session which allows us to define jointly with the Client a plan of action which will accomplish predefined goals and objectives. Our expertise is in the following areas.

New Business Development

For over twenty-five years Bio-Investigations Ltd. has been providing new business development services for companies worldwide. We manage the entire function as well as accept targeted assignments within developing businesses. Assignments may typically extend up to one year or may be as short as three months. Including the management of the function’s personnel, New Business… Read More >


With $66 million reviewed over three years, Bio-Investigations Ltd. has been assisting companies in writing the technical components of grants, since its inception, drawing upon Stewart Rosenberg’s prior background as a Member, Technology Advisory Council, for Advanced Biomedical Technologies, for the review of State of PA proposals/legislation. We have built a firm foundation in securing… Read More >

Strategic Analyses

Seventy-five percent of industries and companies served have included a focus on technology with the remaining activities having been in consumer businesses. Bio-Investigations Ltd. has been providing strategic analysis services to a wide array of industries, for over twenty five years. SWOT analyses have been in sales and marketing, partnering, capitalization, divestiture, protection of intellectual… Read More >

Opinion Letters

Our Opinion Letters include assessments of both the technology and finances of a Client company. Procedurally, we conduct a site visit to the Client Company, and meet with all key personnel. Our firm typically is engaged to also develop the key audience(s) to receive the letters, and we manage the process wherein the information is… Read More >

Technology/Market Assessments

Bio-Investigations Ltd. has been providing technology and market assessments to leading major multinational corporations as well as emerging companies, for over 26 years. Sixty percent of our analyses have addressed technological innovation, with the remaining forty percent focused in assessing target customer markets. Technology assessments are often the culmination of an initial thirty to sixty… Read More >