New Business Development

For over twenty-five years Bio-Investigations Ltd. has been providing new business development services for companies worldwide. We manage the entire function as well as accept targeted assignments within developing businesses. Assignments may typically extend up to one year or may be as short as three months. Including the management of the function’s personnel, New Business Development incorporates all aspects of sales and marketing. We often develop the incentivized compensation program which serves as a basis for identification, hiring, and managing all individuals in new business development. As the aforementioned addresses opportunities that Leverage off of Client capabilities, offering sources of incremental revenue, New Business Development is herein differentiated from traditional sales and marketing.

What sets us apart is how we do business. Bio-Investigations Ltd builds strategic alliances and partnerships with companies world-wide. The development of a new business initiative depends on a solid team that can find opportunities for revenue and assist their clients during various stages of business. However long our contract, we can guarantee satisfaction. Whether it be sales, marketing, or management, our services are valuable to all individuals in business. As a result, we’re making companies happier and helping our communities grow.