Opinion Letters

Our Opinion Letters include assessments of both the technology and finances of a Client company. Procedurally, we conduct a site visit to the Client Company, and meet with all key personnel. Our firm typically is engaged to also develop the key audience(s) to receive the letters, and we manage the process wherein the information is advanced to the appropriate audience.  Letters typically take sixty to ninety days to complete. Our opinions are utilized as a contributing factor in the sale of a business, advancement of an emerging company with strategic partners, and in their capitalization activities. Bio-Investigations Ltd. has been providing Opinion Letters for over thirty years, primarily to companies in the United States and Canada.

Our opinion letters are impactful, direct, and are advanced. After taking the time to get to know you and your audience we carefully craft a unique letter that may significantly impact next steps. We also make sure that your letter gets to the key personnel.

As an example, we chose to include an opinion letter we did quite some time ago, addressing a company led by an individual — stellar in character, and extraordinary in intelligence — from a Canadian company (still the leader in the industry). While the analytical tools and financial metrics that we currently use have changed, the core in-depth approach of careful planning, due diligence and clear reporting remain the same.

As a second sample opinion letter, since inception of the current pandemic, we have received inquiries for an opinion letter that speaks to the promises of monoclonal antibodies with respect to applications toward diagnosis and treatment of disease. We share such a letter with gracious recognition to, and fond memories of, Dr. Arie Bartel, MD, a world-renowned medical oncologist.

Need reassurance?  See how our opinion letters looked years ago and reach out to us for an outline of how we may conduct a technology and business audit of your company. This results in a recommendation of options.  With a great opinion letter, your company will be guided through obstacles, be provided multiple directions and options to take, and help the team make the important decisions.


SAMPLE Opinion Letter #1, Written by Bio-Investigations Ltd.

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SAMPLE Opinion Letter #2, Written by Bio-Investigations Ltd.

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