July 5, 2004

Mr. Stewart Rosenberg
President and Chief Executive Officer
Bio-lnvestigations Ltd.
32 Country Way
Madison, CT 06443

Dear Stewart:

I am pleased to provide a letter of reference for Bio-lnvestigations Ltd. I had the opportunity to work with Stewart Rosenberg of Bio-lnvestigations on a project coordinated by Brian Manning, then of Alberta Research Council Inc. Mr. Rosenberg provided invaluable assistance both directly to Alberta Research Council Inc., and to myself with respect to the licensing of a bio-based technology. The depth and knowledge of experience brought by Bio-lnvestigations Ltd. to this project was very important in a number of areas, including valuation, development of a business strategy and assessment of licence terms. It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Rosenberg, who was always prompt, thorough and complete in his responses. I would not hesitate to recommend Bio-lnvestigations Ltd. and Mr. Rosenberg.

Yours truly,

Gordon Sustrik