American Imaging Inc.

1 October 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Letter of Recommendation for Jonathan Rosenberg

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Jonathan Rosenberg.  I have worked with Jonathan for over two years, in his capacity as Project Manager for Bio-Investigations Ltd., with which we have a strategic partnership in the diagnostic imaging field.  American Imaging is focused in the mobile diagnostic testing field, with one market addressing balance testing and neurological testing for the aging population.  We have over twenty five years experience in this field and we have had the opportunity to assess the capabilities and skills sets of many individuals.

Jonathan Rosenberg is an individual of high intelligence and polished sales skills, backed by a passion for his work, and a genuinely warm and sincere personality.  Over the past two years Jonathan has demonstrated extraordinary skills on multiple levels.  As Project Manager for the Nursing Home market, he demonstrated his skills in market research by effectively researching the leading nursing home trade organizations, and advancing timely interaction with the Connecticut Association for Health Care Facilities (CAHCF), the leading trade organization, at the Executive Director level.  Jonathan participated in multiple executive meetings with this organization as well as key meetings with the Administrators and other key executives, and ancillary health care professionals, at statewide nursing homes.  Whether in the hospital boardroom or at a nursing home convention, his preparation, style, and delivery were consistently organized, effective, and efficient.  He prepared effective presentations utilizing his comprehensive understanding of the aging population, and the problems with which they are faced.  As two examples, his presentation skills were solid, whether in the Boardroom at a nursing home in front of a mixed audience, such as he demonstrated at Branford Hills Nursing Home, or whether he was in front of vendors at the annual CAHCF trade show, where he effectively presented the opportunity for diagnostic mobile imaging to nurses, administrators, supply vendors, and / or other affiliated health care professionals.  Jonathan matches his effective verbal presentation skills with a warm and sincere personality, and a passion for any project upon which he embarks.

I am pleased to provide an unreserved recommendation for Jonathan.  I see his greatest contributions within an organization where: an independent thinker is required; a passion for one’s work is essential; and an attention to deliverables is paramount.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information.


Nate Hollander