April 10, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

Letter of Recommendation for Bio-Investigations Ltd.
Stewart Rosenberg, President

Stewart Rosenberg has completely met the objectives of a six-month consulting agreement with Bio- Investigations Ltd. of Madison, Connecticut. The agreement began on November 1, 2000.

Cuno, Inc. is a multinational company located in Meriden, Connecticut. Annual sales in 2000 were $243 million. The company’s main businesses are the clarification and purification of fluids in three major markets: Healthcare, Fluid Processing, and Potable Water. Specialty Membrane Products is a Business Unit within the Healthcare market. It addresses laboratory and medical applications for flatstock, hybridization, and diagnostic membranes.

Specialty Membrane Products retained Bio-Investigations to help leverage new proprietary nylon-membrane technologies in the areas of rapid in vitro diagnostics and genomic/proteomic platform applications. Mr. Rosenberg successfully scheduled and participated in a series of seminar presentations with top level scientific and executive individuals at each often pre-selected companies representing leaders in the two target markets. With Stewart’s help and to our delight, several of the meetings have led to second-round interactions, all of which offer promise for either new revenues or cooperative programs to further develop the business opportunities. He was able to arrange the desired interactions at 100% of the pre-selected target list of companies. We are extremely pleased with Mr. Rosenberg’s accomplishments on behalf of Cuno, Inc.

Several concomitant activities associated with technology-exchange interactions have been well handled by Mr. Rosenberg. These include the negotiation of mutual non-disclosure agreements, critical reviews of presentation materials, and valuable recommendations regarding follow-up activities with the appropriate protection of Cuno’s intellectual property. Mr. Rosenberg’s valuable expertise in technology licensing has been both proven and utilized to Cuno’s benefit.

It is with pleasure that we recommend Bio-Investigations Ltd. and Mr. Stewart Rosenberg for business development assistance in the fields of diagnostics, genomics, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Mr. Rosenberg’s working knowledge of these markets and his acquaintances with the key players at top levels, appear boundless. He conducts himself with courtesy, diplomacy and appropriate tact. His keen awareness of the current business landscape and his vision of future business opportunities inspire confidence. He is an excellent communicator. He attends to every detail, and he has been, in our opinion, a model consultant.


Peter M. Meier, Ph.D.
Vice President and Director
Specialty Membrane Products