January 31, 2006

Letter of Reference for Stewart Rosenberg, President, Bio-Investigations Ltd.

To Whom It May Concern:

Apart from the intelligence, very high level of effort and experience that Stewart Rosenberg brings to a task, he also brings a rare ability to grasp the significance of the subtlest scientific phenomenon.

His honesty, integrity and dedication make written agreements between us superfluous.

This assessment is not based on a narrow or small sample, but is based on my personal association with a broad range and a large number of people over the past 60 years.  Some examples of the breadth of this range are:
• Dr. S. Lenher, Executive Vice President, du Pont
• General A. Horev, IDF, Pres. Technion
• Jacob Meridor, MK,  Pres. Pan Maritime
• Adm. Morrison, USN, father of Jim Morrison [Doors]
• Gen. Ezer Weizmann, IAF
• Prof. F. Zernike, Nobel Laureate {Physics}
• Prof. Peter Debye Nobel Laureate {Chemistry}
• Helen Gee, Founder and Proprietor of the Limelight Café, Greenwich Village
• Sherry Britton, Lawyer, Ecdysiast
• Carol Blanchard, Artist and grand daughter of first woman balloonist
• H. Warren, ancestors: first Mayflower voyager, hero at Bunker Hill, co-founder Massachusetts General Hospital

I am pleased to provide an unreserved recommendation for the services of Stewart Rosenberg and his firm, Bio-Investigations Ltd.

Please feel free to contact me at any time for further information.


Myron J. Block