March 16. 1990

To Whom It May Concern

RE: Stewart B. Rosenberg. BIO-INVESTIGATIONS, LTD.

I have personally known Stewart Rosenberg for several years and am pleased to comment on the work that his firm has performed for AI Services Company (AISCO, Inc.). AISCO, Inc. is engaged in the business of providing expert system software application development services to commercial and government clients. The company also develops and markets its own proprietary hardware and software products focused on medical markets.

AISCO has on several occasions engaged BIO-INVESTIGATIONS, LTD. to assist in preparing business and marketing plan materials suitable for presentation to potential investors. Additionally, Mr. Rosenberg’s firm advised and assisted with capital search activities. This assistance took the form of contacting venture capital companies, private investors and state agencies and making presentations on our company’s behalf. In all cases we have been extremely pleased with Mr. Rosenberg’s services. His knowledge of and extensive contacts with the venture firm community greatly accelerated our company’s progress. His experience and expertise were notable in many aspects of preparing due diligence materials and his keen attention to detail guaranteed professional results and a positive image for our company.

Stewart’s solid technical background and his active involvement in assessing state-of-the art technologies are significant factors in the outstanding consulting work performed by BIO-INVESTIGATIONS, LTD. His in- depth grasp of technology introduction issues and the needs and interests of the investment community combine to bring a great deal of professionalism and realism to the capital search equation faced by small, start-up companies.

On a personal level, we found Stewart to be an extremely conscientious and meticulous individual. He takes a great deal of professional pride in his consulting assignments and puts a great deal of himself into meeting the goals of his clients. His energy level is very high. He is able to focus on the task at hand and generate a high quality work product. We found him able to function well in our fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment and able, by virtue of his high intelligence, to quickly grasp the nuances of complex processes. Stewart aggressively stayed on or ahead of schedule and was extremely sensitive to our company’s need for timely results.

I can very enthusiastically recommend Stewart Rosenberg and his firm, BIO-INVESTIGATIONS. LTD. to others, particularly the smaller, high technology companies like AISCO, Inc. in need of capital search assistance.


William E Griffis