Innovative-Diffusion, Inc. and Africaphilantropies, Inc.—Innovation Meets Global Good

Innovative-Diffusion, Inc. and Africaphilantropies, Inc.  —  An example of the “combinations and permutations” when innovation meets a passion to do global good

11 March 2016: At Central Connecticut State University’s (CCSU) Institute of Technology and Business Development (ITBD), New Britain, CT USA, it was a beautiful Friday night venue for Innovative-Diffusion, LLC’s monthly Advisory Board meeting.  Guest presentations to the Advisory Board were made by their non-profit charitable partner, Africaphilantropies, Inc., as well as by Bio-Investigations Ltd.  Stewart Rosenberg, President and CEO of Bio-Investigations Ltd., surprised the host company with a coffee-maker  —  designed with a myriad of high technology features  —   destined for their future corporate “administrative”  office(s).  The innovativeness of this coffee-maker was chosen to exemplify the creativity and ingenuity of the Company’s executive team founders AND their unique (existing and developing) solar products.  Innovative-Diffusion is focused on providing electrification to countries in need.  Also, separately, in recognition of the enormous contributions Africaphilantropies continues to make to Togo, Stewart presented a personal gift to the organization’s Deputy Director, with the “pre-approved” permission of the organization’s Executive Director.

Benjamin Williams, CEO, and David Oyanadel, CTO, Innovative-Diffusion, LLC are congratulated for their continued success and acceptance into Accelerate UCONN, by Stewart Rosenberg (UCONN 1974), with a symbolic coffee-maker, high quality and technology-driven, similar to the attributes delivered  by the Company’s products.

Leonille Kadambaya, Founder and Deputy Director, and Zato Kadambaya, Founder and Executive Director, AfricaPhilantropies, Inc. are recognized by Stewart for their continued contributions and mission in Togo, addressing the country’s needs in water, health care, education, and food.  With travels to and from Africa by both Mr. and Mrs. Kadambaya to personally witness project progress, Leonille was presented with a symbolic “warming” gift to address changing climates between Africa and the northeastern United States.  The Kadambayas, and David Oyanadel, are scheduled to visit Togo, Africa later this year to monitor the first placement of an Innovative-Diffusion solar electrification product, in an area of immediate need.

Projects already completed by Africaphilantropies in Togo, Africa addressing water and education   —  from the most basic water needs including the building of a water pump, to educational needs including the construction of a school  —   need no further explanation.