Recent Activities and Interests Aligned to Philanthropy And Innovative Business Models

8 February 2016: Bio-Investigations Ltd. took some time at the 2015 year-end Holidays to close out the year recognizing the needs of three organizations, and to broaden its footprint in 2016 to include interests in businesses addressing innovative business models, potentially beyond those protected by proprietary intellectual property. What prompted…

Approaching 30th Anniversary, Bio-Investigations Ltd. expresses Gratitude to its Clients

Bio-Investigations Ltd. would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Clients we have provided service to, over the past years. As we approach our 30th Anniversary, it is a very appropriate time to recognize the corporations, universities, and entrepreneurs with whom we have been blessed to work, and to provide our expertise in so many different areas, with a special emphasis in technology and market assessments. To all of those who have provided us not only the opportunity to contribute, but have contributed so much to the evolution of Bio-Investigations Ltd., we are eternally grateful.

2013 Summer Intern at Bio-Investigations Ltd. Reflects on Her Experience, One Year Later

1 August 2014: Gina White, Fairfield University Class of 2015, shares her activities as to how she approached her summer internship at Bio-Investigations Ltd. a year ago, what she accomplished personally and professionally from the engagement, and her progress this year at Fairfield University.

Client Associated Businesses, Inc. and PharSafer® Associates Ltd. Announce Global Alliance

Client Associated Businesses, Inc. and PharSafer® Associates Ltd. Announce Global Alliance to Focus on Pharmacovigilance and Data Management Needs of Companies in Health-related Industries. Bio-Investigations Ltd., has been assisting Client Associated Businesses, Inc. in New Business Development, since January 2014. We are pleased to share a recent development at Client Associated Businesses, Inc.